Tips for Selling Your Home

Gulf Bay Realty’s dedicated staff is available to sell your home. Just give us a call at 941-778-7244 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions. Below are a few of the services we offer:

Real Estate Marketing:

Advertising your home today requires much more than a For Sale sign in the yard. Prospective buyers, with their busy schedules, don’t always have the time to search through classified ads or drive around neighborhoods. Effective 24-hour marketing will insure that your home gets the necessary exposure to attract a buyer in the shortest amount of time possible.

Statistics show that more and more buyers are receiving their first exposure to our market through the internet. With this in mind, Gulf Bay Realty has developed a special marketing plan that will give your property the widest exposure through top placement in all the popular search engines. We also offer many different marketing strategies that maximize your property’s exposure:

Multiple Listing Service (MLS)
Open Houses
Property Feature Sheet
For Sale yard sign (with brochure box)
Internet Marketing
Local Advertising
Just Listed – Targeted Mailing
Television Promotions
Mortgage Services

Pricing your home:

Determining the market value of your home is one of the most challenging aspects of the selling process. If the listing price is too high, you will limit financing and reduce offers. It is important to realize that your home is in competition with many other homes that are for sale. Many sellers believe that they should set the selling price higher than expected to allow for negotiation. This can, however, limit exposure to many buyers who would have been interested.

It is important to find out where and how fast the market is moving when setting a price and negotiating an offer. Remember, it’s the buyers who determine the market value!

At Gulf Bay Realty, our experienced, well trained sales staff can help you determine the current market trends and offer a FREE Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) that can give you a good idea of where to set the selling price on your property.

For more information contact us toll free at (800) 771-6043.

Curb Appeal:

When it’s time to put your house on the market, a few simple things can be done to help your home show at it’s very best. Enhancing your property’s curb appeal is one of them. A buyer’s first impression is very important. Many buyers will not even request a showing if the outside of the home doesn’t show well – make sure that the first impression is a good one! Just ask our agents – they will be able to tell you what you can do to improve the exterior of your home and landscaping.

More tips on Selling your Home:

  1. Be sure to be honest with your realtor about problems relating to your home or property. Inspections are common in sales contracts, therefore the problems will be discovered anyway. In many cases the seller is required by law to disclose any knowledge of existing property problems. It is better to factor these issues into the homes listing price, rather than having a contract nullified after inspections.
  2. If you are present during a showing of your home, let your agent do the work. Potential buyers usually feel more comfortable when homeowners are not present. Resist the ‘urge’ to offer explanations, point out flaws, or offer to repair items. It is usually best to let your realtor be the one who does the talking.
  3. Be flexible or willing to compromise. It is often necessary to bend a little when it comes to the selling of a home. Being inflexible about the date you can move out, price, repairs, etc., can discourage a buyer or even make them angry. Often it’s crucial to compromise.
  4. Agreeing to a repair that might cost you a few hundred dollars could actually save you more in interest on your home loan.